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Community Founders Circle

Where Visionary Leaders are Empowered to Create Thriving Intentional Communities


Hey, aspiring founder

  • Ready to turn your vision into a thriving community?
  • Overwhelmed and unsure about your next steps?
  • Feeling lonely while you try to build community?

Let’s make your intentional community vision a reality.

Join the Founders Circle to become a successful founder, with:

  • Access the step-by-step Community Creation Roadmap
  • Become part of a global network of founders
  • Weekly calls with leading experts and consultants
  • Community case studies, exclusive interviews, and more to give your community the best foundation possible, and YOU the confidence you’ll need to make it happen.

The world needs the vision you hold — get serious about making it a reality with the only comprehensive membership program designed for successful community founders.



Within the Founders Circle you’ll get:


a guide tailored for you to navigate from initial concept to a flourishing community

Your blueprint for building an intentional community

Inside the Founders Circle, you’ll find a guide designed to assist visionaries like you in establishing and leading a thriving intentional community

The roadmap covers how to:

  • Source and select members for your community
  • Effectively communicate your community’s vision
  • Develop a sustainable governance framework
  • Evaluate and select appropriate housing options
  • Finalize your comprehensive community plan

Stop floundering in the dark, get clear action steps to build a community.



small group training from successful founders and leading consultants

Monthly workshops with guest experts

Participate in a new workshop with a guest expert every single month, plus access to all previous recordings.

Experts cover topics like:

  • Finance and fundraising
  • Land and property acquisition
  • Culture and relationship building
  • Housing and infrastructure
  • Legal structures

And so much more. There’s a lot that goes into creating a community. Get expert advice from those who have done it.



deep conversations with leaders in the field of intentional communities

Monthly in-depth interviews

Get access to the Blueprints for Belonging Series, interviews with leading experts in the field. Pre-submit your questions to be asked during the interview and access all previous recordings.

Featured speakers include:

  • Jan Martin Bang, author of "Ecovillages" and "Growing Eco-Communities"
  • Nicole Reese, founder of Regen Tribe Community Lab
  • Zarinah Agnew, PhD, founder of multiple intentional communities

And so much more. Get the full speaker line up when you register for the program.




Meet your interview host, 

Cynthia Tina

Cynthia helps people discover intentional community options for better housing, health, and happiness. She has traveled to 200+ intentional communities around the world and resides in a Vermont ecovillage in her self-built natural home. Her speaking, businesses, and consultancy have contributed to the growth of numerous community-led housing projects. She is the founder of several organizations, including CommunityFinders, offering programs to support people on their journey to community living and Ecovillage Tours, offering guided tours to intentional communities around the world.


dive deep into your situation and get feedback from a supportive group

Peer support in monthly masterminds

Got a challenge you can’t solve alone? Crazy idea you want to float with a group? Just need to talk with other founders who get it?

These sessions are how you will: 

  • Troubleshoot within a supportive group
  • Get early feedback on your plans and designs
  • Know that you are not alone in the effort to create community and support others along the way


Jason Thomas

Meet your mastermind coach,

Jason Thomas

Jason is the founder of Regeneration Nation Costa Rica, a podcast exploring who's doing what to bring Costa Rica toward environmental and social well-being. As a permaculturist with a background in business, he bridges ecologically-focused entrepreneurs with the 21st-century tools and business practices he’s found useful in his own endeavors. After a decade of traveling, visiting intentional communities and permaculture projects all around North and Central America, Jason co-founded Finca Fruition in 2009. He believes that masterminds are the most efficient format for any group of aligned individuals to lift each other up by sharing their knowledge, wisdom, contacts, and other resources in a structured and co-supportive way.

Case Studies

avoid common mistakes, uncover patterns for success

Monthly Case Studies

… study a variety of intentional communities to uncover critical lessons for your own project.

Drawing on membership documents, interviews, and peer analysis we’ll research together what makes a community tick.

Information is compiled into an exclusive library for all members to access. Together we unlock keys as to why some communities fail and other’s succeed.



Iris Kunze, PhD

Meet your case studies educator,

Iris Kunze, PhD

Iris has lived in eco-communities in Germany and Austria since 1997, e.g. ecovillage Sieben Linden. Since 2002 she is an acedemic researcher and teacher on communal and sustainable living having worked at universities mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Iris is authoring numerous books and articles in English and German. As active member in GEN and ICSA she is networking amongst community interested people. She now is an independent coach and lives in her tiny house at an ecofarm community in the Austrian mountains.



too many communities fail, don’t be one of them

Wild Sage Cohousing, Colorado

You know the stats. Most intentional communities fail before they even begin.

One of the critical reasons communities fail is because their founders are under resourced and lack essential skills.

Don’t let this be you.

We are invested in the success of every community founder because, simply put, the world can’t afford for you not to succeed. We need the vision you hold inside. We need flourishing communities. 



the network of community founders, so you won’t be alone

Libensgarden Community, Germany

The journey of a founder can be overwhelming and lonely — but it doesn’t have to be.

Become part of a supportive network of people from around the world who are on the path to building intentional communities.

In addition to live sessions each week, you’ll team up with other founders and our staff stay on track with your goals. You’ll have access to a directory of members to stay in touch with. Share updates about your progress and encourage other each other along the way. Unexpected challenges are guaranteed to arise. When they do, you’ll know there is a strong network that has your back. 

And who knows! You may even just find your fellow founders and future community members.


You can build intentional community.


Have questions?

Read the FAQ below and contact program director, Lauren at [email protected] if you have any more questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Message from Cynthia, founder of CommunityFinders


Hey future founder, I’m so excited you have discovered this program and I can’t wait to work with you to bring your community dream to life. Our team is truely passionate about your success, because simply put, the world needs more thriving communities.

— Cynthia